Knowledge Base (KB11-20150909-02)

Challenge / Problem: A blank task is created when the nurse staff creates an electronic progress note and sends it back to the nurse task list from a mental health referral task. Solution: The system was updated to properly obtain the values needed when creating this task. Published: 9/9/2015 Resolved: 9/9/2015

Knowledge Base (KB11-20150909-01)

Challenge / Problem: Inmate booking sheets that reference the inmate id as the filename were not uploading properly when a second booking sheet is uploaded. The problem is the system was not allow the file to be overwritten. Solution: The import system was updated to rename the booking sheet upload entry into the system to […]

Knowledge Base (KB44-20150617-01)

Challenge / Problem: Users will get an “Access Denied” notification when trying to complete a Progress Note that they have previously been able to complete with no errors. Solution: Check the address bar in the browser to make sure it’s HTTPS:// and NOT HTTP://. The “S” must be present for the secured site. Published: 06/17/2015 […]

Knowledge Base (KB44-20150617-02)

Challenge / Problem: Offline MAR does not sync and gives the following error: Solution: Call the Help Desk. Users need to be synced again by the EMRAdmin account. Published: 06/17/2015 11:09 AM Resolved: 2014

Knowledge Base (KB33-20150520-03)

Challenge / Problem: Inmates who are booked back into a facility do not get a new Medical History task created and assigned to the nursing staff. Solution: A bug was identified in the solution that import inmates booking information into the EMR system. This bug has been corrected. Published: 5/20/2015 Resolved: 5/20/2015

Knowledge Base (KB22-20150529-03)

Challenge / Problem: An enhancement was requested to show the inmate problem list in the diagnosis box on the medication grid. Solution: The OfflineMAR sync process was updated to include this information and the medication grid was updated to display it in the diagnosis box. Published: 05/29/2015 Resolved: 05/19/2015

Knowledge Base (KB22-20150529-02)

Challenge / Problem: An issue occurred with an edit made to a medication pass that was older than 1 month. This caused an error during the sync process. Solution: Validation was added to the OfflineMAR medication grid to restrict modification access to medications that are older than 3 days. The user will still be able […]

Knowledge Base (KB22-20150529-01)

Challenge / Problem: An enhancement to the OfflineMAR application was requested to include the Prescriber name in the Medication grid when passing medications. Solution: The prescriber information will be synced to the tablet and displayed on the medication grid. This information will show on new medications going forward. Past medications will require the system to […]

Knowledge Base (KB11-20150520-02)

Challenge / Problem: Some prescribers are no longer working for ACH and cannot be selected from the Prescriber drop down on the Medication form. Solution: An enhancement was developed on the Medication Form to filter the Prescriber list based on active prescribers. A new flag has been added to the prescriber list to define if […]

Knowledge Base (KB11-20150520-01)

Challenge / Problem: Stamps on PDF documents show the users login name and should be the users name with the credentials that identify if they are a doctor or nurse. Solution: The form processing solutions are updated to change the value from login name to user display name. Credentials are added to the Display Name […]


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