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Knowledge Base (11-20160911-01)

Chronic Clinic Tasks (Download PDF version of the article here) Watch Video:   Instructions: A new referral option has been added to the following forms: electronic progress note, narrative progress note, history document, extended medical history document, physical document, intake screening, and the chronic clinic form (at the end of the workflow) from the Nurses’ […]

Knowledge Base (KB11-20160711-01)

Challenge/Problem: Only primary note is syncing from Offline MAR to online MAR distribution grid Solution: We enhanced the Online MAR distribution grid to show unlimited notes synced from the Offline MAR. Published:  07/11/12016 Resolved: 07/11/12016

Knowledge Base (KB11-2016107101-01)

Enhancement: Responsive Inmate search functionality. Solution: We are excited to announce our new search functionality. Search results are displayed dynamically right after typing first letter of the first or last name. Also, we have built shortcuts to order a medication, start new progress note, view picture and more right from the search results. Published:  07/01/12016 […]

Knowledge Base (KB11-20151119-01)

Challenge / Problem: Medications that are discontinued early due to cancellation of the medication or the inmate has left the facility were not getting put onto the drug order form to notify the Pharmacy. Solution: Updated the solution to pull all discontinued medications that met the criteria and put them on the drug order form. […]

Knowledge Base (KB11-20150909-03)

Challenge / Problem: Manually deactivating an inmate doesn’t properly clean up the inmate medications and tasks. Whenever an inmate is deactivated (inmate is released from the jail) all the current medications and tasks should be completed or discontinued. If they are not, then it could cause a problem if they are readmitted back into the […]

Knowledge Base (KB11-20150909-02)

Challenge / Problem: A blank task is created when the nurse staff creates an electronic progress note and sends it back to the nurse task list from a mental health referral task. Solution: The system was updated to properly obtain the values needed when creating this task. Published: 9/9/2015 Resolved: 9/9/2015

Knowledge Base (KB11-20150909-01)

Challenge / Problem: Inmate booking sheets that reference the inmate id as the filename were not uploading properly when a second booking sheet is uploaded. The problem is the system was not allow the file to be overwritten. Solution: The import system was updated to rename the booking sheet upload entry into the system to […]

Knowledge Base (KB11-20150520-02)

Challenge / Problem: Some prescribers are no longer working for ACH and cannot be selected from the Prescriber drop down on the Medication form. Solution: An enhancement was developed on the Medication Form to filter the Prescriber list based on active prescribers. A new flag has been added to the prescriber list to define if […]

Knowledge Base (KB11-20150520-01)

Challenge / Problem: Stamps on PDF documents show the users login name and should be the users name with the credentials that identify if they are a doctor or nurse. Solution: The form processing solutions are updated to change the value from login name to user display name. Credentials are added to the Display Name […]

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